Genius Generation of Gensets

The 3GEN family is the first series of generator-sets developed by Lupfe.

Our generator-set is a combination of our engine and an off-the-shelf generator.

It’s designed to provide groundbreaking performance in terms of flight duration and/or payload capacity for electric aircraft.

It’s developed to provide the highest possible power-to-weight ratio at the highest possible efficiency. Both the engine and the generator feature liquid cooling.

It features versatile installation and range/payload conversion possibilities in order to allow custom installation in any environment and suit custom demands in terms of flying conditions. 



Power  (peak)

Power (cont.)


Fuel consumption


57 kW

51 kW

52 kg

233 g/kWh


86 kW

81 kW

68 kg

230 g/kWh


115 kW

110 kW

80 kg

227 g/kWh


*Ready to use curb weight (including:  power electronics, control unit, 1-2 kWh battery, system mounting, fuel system, fuel tank, cooling system, lubricating oil, coolant)