We are looking for projects and partners who are thinking in long term about their eVTOL market strategy and they would enter the market with a hybrid-electric version of their eVTOL platform in the future. Lupfe aims to finish the ready-to-market prototype in 2025.

To improve the system, to make it safe and reliable and to meet all the requirements, we need partners with whom we can work in the next 2-3 years.

The high power dense EHPS in the range of 60 kW to 150 kW performance could be delivered by Lupfe for the joint project. We prefer cargo drones, sprayer drones or any other work- or sport EVTOL airplanes in this range of performance, but we are also open to listen any other idea or opportunity.

Please, if you have any questions or ideas about our technology or about a joint market opportunity, let us know and get in touch with us! We do our best to create the best-cost electric hybrid system with the fastest return for our partners!