Here you can read about the results 
of the 
previous development phase and you can  
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The best environment to measure the process of an engine is the engine itself. 

Lupfe designed and manufactured its first test engine to validate the idea of a new generation aero piston engine. 
This internal combustion engine's arrangement consists of approximately 150 parts. The engine has been installed onto a test bench.

The 0th generation prototype engine and the entire proof of concept phase was aimed to

  • Validate the technical functionality of the engine's concept idea
  • Look at the feasibility in terms of economically viable cost of the product 
  • Get information and experience about the economic background of the prototype development
  • Establish the basics of engineering and engineering management know-how of the development processes
  • Support IP protection and aviation authority procedures by validated technical background

Conceptual and technical validation

The team had success in the following researches and experiments about the engine technology:

  • The concept, as the advanced internal thermal and gas-exchange methods are working as intended provided by the designed structure and materials.
  • The required level of fuel consumption and performance are feasible at a suitable power-to-weight ratio.
  • The design of tight space cooling system is feasible to manage extra high heat loads.
  • The engine's level of vibration meets expectations.
  • The serial manufacturing of the engine is feasible at economic viable cost price after design optimization to small scale serial production.

Test bench application of Lupfe LM5510 proof of concept engine. / Running engine from 5:06 /